RadiaDyne Announces The Sale Of Their OARtrac Patient Dose Monitoring System To University Hospital's Cleveland Medical Center (UH), Located In Cleveland, Ohio

HOUSTON, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- RadiaDyne announces milestone commercial sale of their OARtrac® system, a transformational diagnostic patient dose monitoring platform to one of the leaders in cancer treatment, University Hospital's Cleveland Medical Center (UH), located in Cleveland, Ohio. UH was an early pioneer utilizing OARtrac, and the first hospital to utilize the technology to monitor rectal dose during a SBRT prostate treatment and skin dose during a gynecologic radiotherapy treatment.

"As one of the pioneers in evaluating the OARtrac system and the only cancer center in the Cleveland area to offer such technology, we are pleased to now have the on-site capability to routinely monitor specific cancer treatments. For the first time, we will have real-time data to adjust and personalize a patient's radiation treatment, which we suspect will help us to improve outcomes and reduce radiation side effects," said Rodney Ellis, M.D., Vice Chairman for Research and Development, Radiation Oncology at UH, and Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

"We are excited to partner with UH, one of the nation's leading cancer centers to implement the OARtrac system and continue the early adoption momentum of this transformational technology," said Bret Boudousquie, RadiaDyne's President. "With every new OARtrac® installation we are witnessing the transformation to real-time patient dose monitoring during cancer treatment, and one step closer to realizing the clinical benefits this technology offers the industry," said John Isham, RadiaDyne's founder and CEO.

OARtrac® is the first of its kind patient dose monitoring platform which provides gold standard accuracy, real-time pinpoint measurement, and proprietary intracavitary delivery devices to measure physical dose during radiation treatment. OARtrac® provides critical dose feedback which helps facilitate adaptive radiotherapy with the goal to reduce side effects and offer better clinical outcomes.

RadiaDyne is a privately held medical diagnostic and device company focused on patient dose monitoring technology to improve cancer treatment outcomes. RadiaDyne designs and innovates specialized sensor technology and treatment devices which assist Radiation Oncologists in delivering radiation dose to the cancerous targets, while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. RadiaDyne is the pioneer in developing and offering real-time patient dose monitoring systems through their patented OARtrac® system.

Oscar Calero