in Dosimetry Monitoring

After eight years and millions of dollars invested in research and development, OARtrac® is the first of its kind radiation dose monitoring platform providing gold standard accuracy without correction factors, real-time pinpoint measurement, and dedicated intracavitary delivery devices to measure where it counts. OARtrac® monitors multiple cancer treatment modalities within the same treatment center, as well as reduces overall treatment costs related to routine patient dose monitoring through a reusable dosimeter.

Clinical Advantages

over OSLDs, TLDs, and MOSFETs

Intended Use and Product Information:

The OARtrac® System with patient specific, reusable, precalibrated PSD sensors is intended for use in photon radiation therapy to monitor and validate radiation dose during External Beam Therapy to the surface of the skin or the rectal prostatic interface. This dose verification information obtained during the treatment is then used to compare with the planned dose that the Radiation Oncologists expect to provide to their patient. The OARtrac® System itself does not stop the radiation treatment to the patient, or change the radiation delivery, but only provides dose data which a trained Radiation Oncologist can decipher and use to adjust a patient’s treatment plan accordingly.

Indication For Use:

The OARtrac® System with patient specific, reusable, precalibrated PSD sensors are intended for use during cancer treatments to measure photon radiation therapy as an adjunct to treatment planning permitting measurement and validation of radiation dose received by the patient to the targeted area of their body, and indicated for use when adhered to the skin with a bolus, or inserted into the rectum to measure the rectal prostatic interface via a specifically designed endorectal balloon device.

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