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RadiaDyne® is the global leader in radiation oncology medical device balloon technology. Our products provide Radiation Oncologists the tools to reduce internal anatomical motion and stabilize targeted tissue for more accurate radiation dose to the cancerous target. Additionally, these balloon products move healthy tissue out of the radiotherapy treatment area to minimize radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

Alatus® Vaginal Balloon Packing is the only FDA cleared vaginal balloon packing system and has been clinically proven to reduce dose to the bladder and rectum and provide increased comfort for the patient.

ImmobiLoc®, is our patented, market leading, endo-rectal balloon for stabilizing the prostate during external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer treatment. RadiaDyne® is currently transforming into a high tech medical device company with the introduction of OARtrac® Platform.

OARtrac®, is a FDA cleared, real time, in-vivo, radiation dose monitoring platform to be used in external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy. OARtrac® can be used to measure skin surface dose or used with our balloon technology inside the body to provide clinicians accurate real time dose information to organs at risk and targeted tissue.

RadiaDyne® will continue to pioneer delivery devices for the OARtrac® platform and aspires to provide clinicians the tools for adaptive radiotherapy for better patient care.

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